Energy Savings LED Bulbs are Now Very Popular With our Customers!

We are happy to say that about 90% of our installations last year were done with energy savings warm white LED bulbs. If you are interested in the low energy consumption LED bulbs for your outdoor lighting give us a call or visit us online.


Time Change and Your Lighting System

Just after the time change we receive some calls from our lighting customers wanting instructions or help adjusting their timers.  We are always happy to help walk you through the programming over the phone.  We have also placed

Does Your Timer Need Adjustment?

timer instructions online for your easy access.    See the options at the top of this page for more information.

We are always looking for better ways for our lighting systems to be as maintenance free as possible.  There are two or three things that homeowners should do to keep their outdoor lighting looking its best.

1. Replace old bulbs – the halogen bulbs we install are long life (4000 hour and now 6000 hour) bulbs.  Many times these can last 3 to 5 years or more.  We don’t recommend leaving these bulbs in that long because they will lose their intensity long before they burn out.   Since all bulbs have been installed at the same time we recommend changing them all out at once.  Some people think that this is a waste, however once bulbs have aged over the recommended life the intensity the light will quickly dim.  Much like a flashlight with an old battery.  You can actually look at the lights and they will give a yellow look and not the bright white light.

2. Keep shrubs and plants trimmed back from the fixtures – Many times we try to place the fixtures with the best place to get the customized look for the clients.  This may be right next to shrubs, bushes and trees.  With heavy

Lens Cover

Glass Lens Cover

summer growth this can quickly diminish the effects of the lighting system.  Five to ten minutes of quick trimming can quickly have this problem resolved.    Keeping leaves and mulch of the lights is also very important not only to lighting but also for safety, especially when drought conditions are prevalent.    We have glass lens covers that are very nice at keeping leaves off the angled well light fixtures.  Please feel free to contact us about these options.  We can ship these directly to you if you would like.

3. Keep your time properly adjusted – Many of the older systems have timers that do not automatically adjust for time changes.  At this time of year dusk times have quickly changed from our summer season.  This happens very quickly and occasional adjustment will make sure that you don’t drive home to a dark house after work.  Daylight savings change is also going to affect your timer.  Many clients like the systems to turn off at midnight (or some other designated time).  With the change this will also be something that you will want to adjust.

For those of you that don’t want the hassles of keeping up with any of the above we have service plans that can shift the burden of the maintenance to us.  We offer two plans scheduled service plans and time and material service calls.  Please feel free to contact us to ask about these so you don’t have to get in the bushes to do this maintenance.

We also now offer a very low “Set it – Forget it” timer. This new timer will adjust daily for the changing sunrise, sunset times and it will also change for daylight savings automatically.  So if you like your system to come on when it gets dark and go off at midnight this can easily be set and you shouldn’t need to adjust your timer again.   This even has a long-term battery backup so if the electricity goes out for an extended amount of time the settings remain the same.

We are always looking into ways to make your home lighting system more maintenance free.  Please call or email us with any questions or concerns.  With proper care your lighting system should give you years and years of very good, high quality lighting for your home.

Holiday Lighting Service

It’s a little early for the average person to be thinking about holiday lighting but our “elves” are getting busy for the season.  In our business we start making plans now so many of our clients can take advantage of a stress free holiday season.

While we are still busy designing and installing landscape and outdoor lighting we are also getting ready for peak season for clients that enjoy and entertain and want their homes to look festive and warm for the holiday season.

More and more homeowners want to explore the option of leaving hassles to the professionals.  The ladder climbing in cold weather, endless trips to Home Depot and the frustration of troubleshooting which light bulb made a whole section of lighting go out are just a few of the variables to getting that perfect holiday lighting look.

So here’s to enjoying all the fun of having decorations without the headaches.  Meanwhile it’s back to the elves for planning!

Solar Lighting

We get some calls from people who want to install “green” lighting. What they mean is that they want “environmentally friendly” outdoor lighting, or what they know as “solar lighting”.

Here is a post from a fellow Outdoor Lighting Perspectives franchise (Nashville, TN) that discusses why some solar/”green” lighting choices might not be so “Earth friendly…”

Solar Outdoor Lighting- Not So Green

Timer Instructions

Many of our customers are comfortable enough with their systems to set and reset their own timers. While we are more than happy to help you with your timers over the phone or even come out to your home on a service call, we like to offer our customers instructions on how to change their timers themselves.

Click on the various timer types below to download and view timer instructions as .doc files. Please do not hesitate to call our office if you would like a copy mailed or emailed to you.

HB800 Instructions

HB88RC Timer Instructions

Dial Timer Instructions

X10 Timer Instructions

Common Fixtures

There are so many various types of fixtures you can use for outdoor lighting. There are flood lights, small lights, black lights, copper lights, lights that look like rocks, and so on. At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives, we believe in using only the best quality fixtures. We use higher-grade fixtures so that you are sure your lighting system will last for years to come. Outdoor lighting is a great investment, and we want to make sure you are completely satisfied with your system. This is why we put our name on the fixtures we install. We are confident they are the best!

I thought I would show you our four most commonly used fixtures.

1. Well light

2. Bullet light (which come in brass or aluminum (shown below))

3. Path light

4. Deck light

Feel free to call us or email us if you are interested in outdoor lighting. Summer is almost here, and we would hate for you to miss being outdoors because your backyard is too dark!

Proper Lighting to Create a Pleasing Visual Effect

Last night my wife and I were invited to a very nice and enjoyable winter party at a local country club. We were ready to get out and have a nice time since we have been suffering from cabin fever from the long winter cold spell. They had a band in from out-of-town and the food and entertainment were first class. We really had a great time seeing many of our friends.

Upon our arrival to the club I noticed a view of the clubhouse that had been previously obscured by trees. Now a very nice view of the club is visible from a distance as you drive up. Only problem was the view at night! The building was very dark and was only vaguely noticeable by several industrial type “wall pack” light fixtures that cast a yellow glare down on a nondescript side of the building. The illuminated view was about as pleasing as driving through an industrial warehouse site. Certainly not the kind of view during the daytime when the building is in full view.

The beautiful 3 story architectural details and stone work of a turn of the century building were partially illuminated with splotches of yellow sodium lighting that highlighted nothing. I could only think that this was not the type of lighting that did this building or the country club any benefits to creating a pleasing, aesthetic effect.

I have been fortunate enough in my experience of lighting to have been to many resorts, country clubs, horse farms, hotels and homes that have used lighting to enhance the architectural and landscape elements of a property (either residential or commercial). With proper lighting techniques there are many advantages to creating a feel and sensation to a property that otherwise might leave a grand property simply dark, nondescript and uninviting at nighttime.

Many of these properties do not cut corners with details of the building or the landscaping that happens around the premises. However when viewing these properties at night they appear cold and dark with patches of industrial lighting that at best add what I call “utility” lighting. These lights and fixtures are the basic supply-house type of box fixtures with high wattage sodium lights that flood certain sections while other sections of the building fall into darkness.

Many high-end resorts and properties have learned that proper lighting can create a mood and feeling that adds to the feeling that they work so hard to create. When visiting these resorts and properties the guests usually leave and remember the special feelings and attachment to the property without realizing all the factors that go into “creating” that feel. During nighttime, lighting is the most important element to work with.

It is fun and enjoyable for me in my occupation to be able to share the “before and after” effects for people to truly grasp the effects of proper lighting and the effect it can have on the outside of a home or business. Although our work pertains to the exterior of homes and properties the same effects apply to the inside of your homes. It is no secret that lighting design is a very important element that cannot be ignored when designing the interior. It should not be neglected on the outside either.

Landscape lighting and architectural lighting design services in the Kentucky and Southern Indiana area are what we specialize in. We can be reached at (502)896-6400 or (859)367-0110 or by email at